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Fred specializes in advising pre-retirees and retirees, with strategies for preserving their retirement savings, increasing their retirement income & leaving a financial legacy for their family & community. He enjoys showing families how to take advantage of established rules, along with ongoing changes in the law to lower taxable income, while at the same time increasing net income by up to 67% by using SSA 200.25 of the social security code. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Contact Information

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I specialize in developing strategies that help you increase your social security by 67% and position assets in tax-advantaged accounts so that in retirement you pay as little tax as possible.

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Why Medicare Should Be Part of Your Retirement Planning

The premiums and coverages vary, and you must realize the differences.   Provided by Frederick Saide, Ph.D.   Medicare takes a little time to understand. As you approach age 65, familiarize yourself with its coverage options and their costs and limitations.   Certain features of Medicare can affect health care costs and coverage. Some retirees may do okay with...

The Saver’s Credit

A special tax break for part-time, low-income, and moderate-income workers.   Provided by Frederick Saide, Ph.D.   Do you work part-time, or earn less than $65,000 a year? If so, you might be eligible to fully or partly claim the Saver’s Credit – a federal tax credit that gives part-time, low-income, and moderate-income workers an extra incentive to make...

Try the Bucket Approach

Constructing a portfolio this way may help you ride through a bear market in retirement.   Provided by Frederick Saide, Ph.D.   Stocks sometimes retreat. That reality can be overlooked in a long bull market. Bear markets do appear, and a deep downturn could force you to sell securities in retirement, so you can pay for necessary expenses.  ...

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